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28-Oct-2019 13:08

So instead of just saying something generic — like it’s ‘blocking 25 trackers’, as a typical anti-tracker tool might — users of DDG’s tool will be told which tracker networks are being blocked and “what their purpose is”. of filter bubble and pervasive ads those emotionally resonant with people and they’d like to get rid of them. In the European Union, an updated online privacy framework, GDPR, will apply from May.

He cites figures that trackers used by Google are now on 76% of the top million websites and Facebook’s trackers are on 24% of pages — saying it drops off “pretty quickly after that”, with Twitter on just 12%.“Literally any site you visit you’re likely to have Facebook, Google watching you there.That’s the piece that I think people are starting to wake up to now.” The other problem that he argues is exacerbated by mass surveillance ad-targeting online business models is filter bubbles — aka the strategy of platforms using people’s own biases as a tactic to keep them clicking by reductively feeding them more of the same stuff.And not waiting for them to take any major action to curb their surveillance,” he adds.

Op de scholen van Lauwers en Eems brengen wij kinderen elke dag een stap verder in hun ontwikkeling.Some major product news from veteran anti-tracking search engine Duck Duck Go: Today it’s launched revamped mobile apps and browser extensions that bake in a tracker blocker for third party sites, and include a suite of other privacy features intended to help users keep surfing privately as they navigate around the web.

From a series of meetings Hermanns had with Einstein in 1930, 1943, 1948, and 1954, during which he took notes on what Einstein said (though it's unclear if he recorded the exact phrasing or filled in words from memory).… continue reading »

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Th Colosseum was inaugurated in 80AD by Vespasiano's son, Titus, with a series of games that lasted 100 days and nights.… continue reading »

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