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The roles of various actors and their arguments are then examined to better understand the context and dynamics of the conflict, and to identify the influence of values regarding health, environment and ecology, safety, speed, cost, territory, transport, economy and quality of The high-speed line is divided into 3 segments (Figure 2): The French one managed by Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) would go from Lyon to St Jean de Maurienne.The international section, with Lyon Turin Ferroviaire (LTF), an Italo-French company in charge, would connect St Jean de Maurienne, France, with San Didero, Italy (Figure 3) through two main tunnels of 52 and 12 km in length (Figure 4).Il Roero è quella porzione di territorio situata a Nord di Alba (in Piemonte appunto, nella provincia di Cuneo), sulla riva sinistra del Tanaro, tra la pianura di Carmagnola e le colline dell’Astigiano.The Susa Valley, situated between Maurienne, France and Turin, Italy, has been urbanised by the economic development of the region.This case study looks at the TAV conflict through the lenses of ecological economics and political ecology, drawing on both scientific sources and “activist knowledge”.

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This case study explores the motives and rationale of the main actors, highlighting the role of power relations and an underlying clash of ideologies, and suggesting how tools and concepts of ecological economics might be applied to support alternative proposals from civil society.

The high speed train line (Treno Alta Velocita in Italian, or TAV) between Turin and Lyon is planned at the intersection of 2 main European axes to complement the European railway network by increasing the transport of passengers as well as goods.

The train will pass through the Susa Valley, via various tunnels, the longest one extending over 50km, to connect St.

These local development plans based on traditional activities (handicrafts, agriculture) and nature tourism were highly incompatible with the development of industrial and transport infrastructure that threatened to transform the Valley into a transit corridor.

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It is not surprising then that a conflict between national and local development plans rapidly erupted, dividing the country into Pro TAV, and No TAV groups.

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