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And each of those people would call themselves actors.So you sort of have to decide which direction you’re moving in and what happens to you and you need to make a living but you want to be an artist.As I sort of moved further and further away from those roots, there was definitely a time probably about ten years ago where I was looking at my life, like, "Oh my god, the road not taken!" And it’s kind of easy to romanticize that place you leave behind.The camera will never be looking at you, objectifying you, trying to glamorize you, trying to sexualize you."Was that liberating? You mentioned what Anna goes through hit very close to home for you. And I also think that when you’re working in television and things move really, really fast you don’t have a lot of creative say in what goes on and that can be extraordinarily frustrating at times.Are there any specific elements that really resonated with you? I don’t think there’s anybody working in television who hasn’t experienced that to one extent or another.And then, you know the Los Angeles milieu is very familiar.

Those films certainly exist, they’re out in the world, but it just doesn’t happen very often. At least one critic has described this movie as being a feminist film. And I would also say for me, there was all of that subject matter and all of that inquiry both around the industry and what it means to be actress and the world we’re asked to inhabit: there are political questions at play within the film. That’s also a function of being super low budget and everyone being there for the love of it.In addition to starring in A Woman, A Part, you are also an executive producer.What was the major draw of both the project and character of Anna for you?And then you’re like, "But that’s so pretentious, being an artist with a capital ‘A.’" It’s a huge conversation that goes on in your head for years and years and years. Exhibit A for finding a meaty role in a more mainstream medium would probably be Wendy in on Showtime.

Is it a funny juxtaposition to do this film and then you end up in this show playing this really complex and dynamic female character? And then I shot the film right before I started shooting the show.

And I also think in my business as an actor, there are so many vastly different worlds that you can inhabit.