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07-Jan-2021 21:35

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The first guy who had the chance to fuck Melissa West on film was legendary costar Kurt Lockwood.

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Chris Cannon in yet another filthy signature sex frolic.She feels having vaginal sex all the time can get boring and believes that anal sex is more intense if done properly, and she does climax on camera during anal sex pretty easily.Her one suggestion for anyone interested in having anal sex is to use a grease based lubrication, she feels too many men think a good vaginal lubricant and a good anal lubricant are the same, which isn't always true.Melissa West was married for two years, and during the marriage, she and her husband traveled across Europe through Ireland, Italy, France, Germany and then on to Australia. West befriended a woman who did some adult modeling and porn films.

The woman told her how much she enjoyed it because it allowed her to live an exciting carefree lifestyle.

It was a lot more fun than the other jobs she had before becoming a stripper, like when she worked at a veterinary clinic and the time she spent folding clothes while working as a retail store sales clerk.