Ms project updating progress

01-Nov-2019 13:47

Second, the person doing this must have 1) a Microsoft Project Professional license and 2) the ability to create a site in Share Point.It’s best if the PM and the Site Owner (or IT admin) sit down and do this together so all i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.

It’s an ingenious way to get around the MS Project paradox.Better yet, would you ever trust them to even open your Project file and not break your baby?Because of all that, it always seems wherever an MPP file exists, a PDF version of that MPP also lives nearby because so many people can’t open the MPP.And both of you do this together over screen share or in person. Once the sync is completed, your browser should open the new site automatically. The home page will contain a dashboard view of your plan. Then check Site Assets and confirm the MPP has been uploaded there. Delete or archive the MPP file you used to create the site.

Once the first sync is pushed, you (as the PM with a Project License) no longer need to have the access to create a site. This file is replaced by the version in the Site Assets library.

Happily, Share Point recognizes the user names and adds them in a people field in the Task List. In the “Sync with Share Point Tasks List” section, choose “New Share Point Site” under “Sync with”, type in a name in the “Project name” field, and type in the address of the parent site where you’re going to create this site as a sub-site. Create document libraries, team calendars, workflows, and provide permissions as you please.