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29-Jan-2020 04:38

“This is the largest technical change that many will probably see in their lifetime,” Financial Sense quoted Craig Johnson from investment bank Piper Jaffray.“Ultimately, we’re likely looking at the return of inflation and the need for inflation-related strategies coming out of this, which is where investors should be placing their attention.” Higher CPI numbers may force the Federal Reserve to pick up the pace of interest rate hikes this year - which are likely to affect the markets in a negative way.It shows that yields have been dropping for the last 36 years!Not since 1988 have yields risen and that is exactly what is happening right now.The roll continued into the New Year, with the index hitting a three-year high on Jan.

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The higher the rate of inflation, or expectation of inflation, the more yields rise, because bond investors demand higher yields to be compensated for inflation risk.

With yields at under 3% for at least the last seven years, according to the chart, investors kept piling into bonds, thinking they could never lose out to inflation.

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