Oasis dating agency

27-Oct-2020 13:10

I explained the situation to her & she said that cabin is , 234.88 & what Jay did by offering it to you at , 100 was illegal. But, the price you are quoting me is exactly the same price as Carnival so why would I go with you & she stated because you could reach me at pm on a Sunday night. She stated she would see what she could do with all the information.

She got back to me the next day & stated there wasn't enough documentation, so she wouldn't be able to help me.

I also told him I never received the e-mail that he stated he was going to send me.

I asked him for a confirmation number, & his response was I just woke up & did you ask for another agent because I don't see your information-your lead is not here. He stated he will find out what is happening & get back to me. I got 2 other e-mails from someone else, his name was Alex.

7, 2012 because I wanted to show the specific cabin to my husband. I asked him if he is not available & we have an emergency is there someone we would contact (a backup)?

He stated yes I have an associate and didn't tell me the associate's name.

The Hotel Carlton Lausanne and its magnificent terrace, an oasis of lush greenery in the heart of the city, offer an environment that is particularly conducive to relaxation.

I explained to Jay I left him a message & I was trying to reach him & he didn't call back.

I then called her & she mentioned there was nothing on hold with Carnival.