Ok ask dating to a concert

14-Mar-2020 05:02

In other words, they do that with this notorious maxim of theirs that I too employed in the past, “use what u have to acquire what you want” at the back of their minds, sometimes but not always, it is a bad thing to do.

Of late very, very rarely do I ask for money from a guy, I cannot even ask from my own father because he too is a man and if I ever do, I always make sure I pay it back very quickly.

As a girl, I would also return any money I had to borrow from my partner as soon as possible.

I am not entertaining the idea of having a boyfriend now, but if I was and my boyfriend was not giving me money I would ask for it.

I have no idea where or how that idea got started, but please don’t heed that advice. If you haven’t done so already, do you really want to take off all of your physical and emotional clothes, and allow your heart, mind, soul, values and hope to be invaded by an unknown person–a person with whom you’ve spent scant hours?

Personally I do not see anything wrong in making simple and affordable requests if there is love.

I can never say when the right time to ask for money is because at some point in my life I started dating a guy in the afternoon and that same evening I asked for some money, well that was some years back.

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