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27-Jun-2020 00:10

Apparently most of them thought that the Navy would maintain a large presence there even if they weren't allowed to use the land for testing.

I was told that unemployment was over 50% when I was there in '08, that it had been much worse after the pullout, and that it was improving as the island became known as a possible destination for travelers wanting to get away from tourist traps.

Something has to give in this country, we can spend countless billions of dollars going to war in places where it isn't or wasn't needed.

I'm talking about Iraq, not Afghanistan for those who read this and want to defend that mistake....although we haven't nailed down Bin Laden yet have we....thanks again GWB and the GOP, and everyone else who backed that crap.

Another classic example of Big Brother turning a blind eye on it's citizens, when clearly the Navy is responsible for what it taking place there.

Unfortunately they wish to point this area of American citizens being neglected and forgotten when the fact remains that a good portion of Americans are forgotten and neglected; from the lower 48, Hawaii, Alaska, and all of our territories and beyond our borders for that matter.

I find it utterly shameful that our country is so possession and money driven that we can not find a common ground to provide health care for it's citizens.

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I didn't hear anything about illness when I was down there, and people were certainly willing to complain about anything that bothered them, so I'm not sure if this isn't just something hyped up to try and make up for the lack of jobs.

I think the secondary industry following tourism is theft.