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Pre-Columbian and Western Art collections were gifted mostly by Mrs. The Museum has one of the finest collections of Indian Arms and Armour comprising edged weapons, projectiles, smashing weapons, armour for men and animals, ornamental, sacrificial and ritual weapons, fire arms and war accessories.

The collection is predominantly Mughal in addition to Maratha, Sikh, Rajput and Hindu arms which are also well represented.

The collection of coins in the National Museum is remarkable for its variety, rarity and antiquity. D., is well represented here along with the dioramas depicting various techniques of coin production.

The entire history of Indian coinage, starting from about 6th century B. It has in it practically all Indian coins from the earliest bent bar, punch-marked coins to those of Indian States, British India and post-independence coins.

The collection consists of some of the most outstanding wall paintings, painted silk banners, sculptures in wood, stucco and terracotta, coins, porcelain and pottery objects, leather, grass and fibre, precious items of gold and silver, religious and secular documents.

The vast and varied collection was excavated, explored and collected by Sir Aurel Stein, the foremost amongst the archaeological explorers of the early 20th century, during three major expeditions carried out by him in 1900-1901, 1906-19-1916. The gallery will display 1672 coins in a modernised format.

Of special importance are the images of Kapardin Buddha from Ahichchhatra, Buddha - pada (footprints) from Nagarjunakonda, Distt.

Guntur in Andhra Pradesh and Buddha's life scenes from Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh as well as ritualistic objects from the trans-Himalayan reign.

The portraits of medieval kings, rulers and saints are also part of this large heritage.

A study of these currencies reveals how the Indian currency system developed from cowrie shells to credit card; These coins are a rich and authentic source of information on various aspects of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian history.