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22-Feb-2020 03:19

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may not find the correct folder to save the sent mails.

When this happens, it will automatically create a folder called Sent (this computer only) – but this folder won’t sync the sent mails with the server.

The main advantage of synchronizing your emails on the server is that it allows you to access the mails on any device.

Manual set up should be a final resort and should be done if the auto sync fails.

If the latter shows the folders, then you need to go delete your OST and SRS files in your profile folder, re-enable Cached mode and reopen Outlook.

This tutorial will show how to sync your Sent mail so that emails sent on one device reflect in the Sent items of any other devices using that same email account.

Based on the scenarios, some users are not able to access their IMAP folders, while many ones fail to download email messages from the IMAP server.

The Problem After reinstall Outlook is syncing emails.

But it is not creating these folders automatically.

Rooting will make Outlook ignore the pre-existing Sent Items and Deleted Items folders and let you use local folders in their place.

Performance Note As the Sent folder size increases, your mail application will become slower to access, especially on i Phones and other mobile devices.

It should recreate the folders automatically - check Mail in control panel, select Email accounts and then double click the account in question.