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Both wore head to toe Dior, which for Song Hye Kyo started with a smart beret flowing into a double breasted and back belted A-line skirted trench completed by black tights and platform stilettos.Everything looked cute on her but the trench cut isn’t the most flattering on her petite frame. ^^ I found you're so cute together with Lee Jong suk in hot young bloods. Just play more and more drama, movie, CF and MV unnie. Park Bo Young unnie allmost look innocent in every drama and movie I watched. Song Joong Ki went with a black turtle neck and grey and black coat ensemble, more muted but fitting for a Parisian low key vibe.She has such a cute and adorable face and smile, a talented actress love you in oh my ghost, and strong woman dong bong- soon, as well as werewolf boy, a strong yet sensitive personality and charm. I always enjoyed watching it because it’s how I divert my stress after working hard and dealing with colleagues at work. you looks very should be light up the stage with colourful and beautiful dresses ? you is young and needs to explore your appearance, to be honest with yourpresent appearance . Even as time passes by, your beauty is still the same. TV Shows Grand Prince (CSTV, 2018) The Best Hit (KBS2, 2017) Romance Full of Life (MBC, 2017) Mirror of the Witch (j TBC, 2016) Ms.Temper & Nam Jung Gi (j TBC, 2016) The Prime Minister and I (KBS2, 2013) Happy Noodle (ZJSTV, 2013) Flower Boy Next Door (tv N, 2012) High Kick 3 (MBC, 2011) King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (KBS2, 2010) High Kick Through The Roof (MBC, 2009) Movies Mr.

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bit bored with your fashion style on the new red carpet(award ceremony) recently ? I and all yourfans miss the cutie, pretty and sexy of your. please don't worry, we will always pray for your fast recovery... :) Currently watching all of her movies and series.... srsly i'd go bi or even lesbian for you (ok not that much? I always see you as a cute little chick and want to hold you so bad... Im your fan, your follower, your supporter, a man who is always stay bias about you. I was so sad when I know that Oh my Ghostess only have 16 eposode I hope you and Cho Jong Soek (Chef) will have oh my ghotess part 2 or hoping for your next prohect with Chef :). hi na bong-sun.& my husband here in the Philippines watched oh my ghost.really love you and admire you.always make it a point to watch ur show together..we'll wait for your next project(w/ chef kang)..fighting!! , I also watched your Hot Young Bloods, you are so cool there. I hope that you will have a drama with Song Joong Ki. Baby, knock knock knock knock Knock on my door Knock knock knock knock knock It won’t be so easy to open it up Say that you’re mine Come again tomorrow and the day after I will be ready and wait (knock knock) Baby, knock knock knock knock Knock on my door Knock knock knock knock knock Wanna keep hearing it again Knock on my door Hey, hey after all this time My frozen heart will, my-my heart will Melt away like an ice cream Come knock on my door Knock on my heart and open it up Knock hard Bam! Name: 윤시윤 / Yoon Shi Yoon (Yun Si Yun) Real Name : Yoon Dong Goo Profession: Actor Birthdate: 1986-Sep-26 Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea Height: 178cm Star sign: Libra Talent agency: Taxi Entertainment ‘, as the friend of actor Lee Hong Ki. i thought it was different person(might be my brain problem though since i couldnt remember things pretty well). Im not a fan of korean movies but aftr i watched Strong Woman, i became a fan boy bcoz of PBY. I wish to see her visit Philippines and have the opportunity to meet and greet her with a warm hug and support. I only watched Oh My Ghost before Strong Woman Bo Dong-Soon and she is truly an actress. A lot of actresses act cute in front of the camera, but it just looks fake. Please date Min Min & Bong Bong i've been watching "strong woman do bong soon" and I freakin love this gosh, Your acting was soooooo good, you looked so cute and adorable and srsly if u were a cake i'd eat you. I love your style too gosh you're like a cute lil white fluffy puppy. You are a sweetie with smiling eyes and a tiny form. I hope someday I can go to korea to see you both personally :). I hope she collaborates again with Jo Jung Suk for future projects... I just collected her movies and dramas, even reality tv shows, commercials and interviews. Her kissing scenes in oh my ghostess broke my heart though. At first I thought Park Bo Young was only like 19 or 20 in werewolf boy and be like 23 in oh my ghostess! And first thing that i hope all this time is, please reunite with Cho Jung Seok oppa in a new drama! You are very talented as you portray the Na Bong Sun and Shin Soon Ae!

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Well,she's really cute there and tbh i didnt notice she played in oh my ghost! Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is my favorite korean drama of all time. It brought us laughter, showed us love, and entertained us from beginning till end! ♥ ♥ ♥ i love her so the most in and out beauty actress...fake, honest, pure and humble...always respect people and fans..i wish her success in career and most of all will get true soulmate who really love her.. -love from Morocco I know I fall for you since the very first movie, Hot Young Bloods. The producers of Oh My Ghost did the right thing by pairing her with Jo Jung Suk. Every act in Oh My Ghost seems so real, like a real couple.. I liked it but wouldn't watch it again like a 8/10 thing. I totally enjoyed watching all of your dramas, especially in 'Oh My Ghostess'. After watching A Werewolf Boy, I started searching for your other movies and as I browse, I found Oh my ghostess.

so i'm looking to her past drama, i watch oh my ghost, she is really cute there eventhough she is in 25 at that time, really-really cute with great acting. love you parkboyoung so much please star more dramas.

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