Patrick monahan live comedy dating show

20-Aug-2020 19:15

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) is renowned for his superb anecdotes, his unique charm and his unmistakeable brand of humour.

I have been watching him do stand-up for the last twenty years and every time I see him do a show he just seems to make up his whole set on the spot.

His favourite topics are generally the differences between being a young person now and when he experienced his own childhood as well the general day-to-day issues we all face in the modern world.

’ Monahan explores what life was like for teenagers in the ‘90s growing up with their basic technology and compares the current problems teenagers face, such as faulty phone charger leads, dabbing and whether they should Instagram their dinner first or just eat it!

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The 1990’s teenagers didn’t have to make many choices as there wasn’t much to choose from!

A BRAND new stand up show, Rewind Selector ‘90s, from multi award winning Patrick Monahan and inspired by his Irish/Iranian/Teeside teens in the 90’s is at Hanger Farm tonight.