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28-Jul-2020 20:09

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The world's largest sources of inorganic materials data in a single, easily searched database Learn more & Purchase A collaborative product between ICDD, FIZ, and NIST designed for inorganic materials analyses Learn more & Purchase A collaborative product between the ICDD and CCDC designed to identify organic and organometallic materials Learn more & Purchase A subset of PDF-4 covering What is the difference between PDF-2 and PDF-4 ?PDF-2 is a collaborative product between ICDD, FIZ and NIST and is designed for inorganic materials analyses.This database has comprehensive material coverage for inorganic materials and it contains numerous features such as digitized patterns, molecular graphics and atomic parameters.Many new features have been incorporated into PDF-4 to enhance the ability to do quantitative analysis by any of three methods: Rietveld Analysis, Reference Intensity Ratio (RIR) method or Total Pattern Analysis.The Powder Diffraction File continues to grow with the addition of new entries each year.Since Release 2013, the PDF databases have dramatically increased in size and technical capability.Usually changes must be made in the source document and a new PDF exported.But then do you have to re-create all the form fields? You don’t even have to copy the interactive elements over to the new file. Now, go to Acrobat Pro and open your old PDF containing the interactive elements that needs to be updated with this new content.

If you are using CS6 or newer, consider building your form in In Design so that when you export the PDF all fields are included, and you don’t have to edit them in Acrobat at all.

You can update your publications as often as you need.

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