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04-Nov-2020 12:30

The glam-metal band has sold more than 100 million records worldwide since 1983, and unlike most Rock Hall inductees, they’re still selling: The band’s most recent album, 2016’s , hit No. Yet, when Bon Jovi phones from his car to discuss his band’s Thursday showcase at the Wells Fargo Center — a gig meant to celebrate WMMR’s 50th anniversary — he makes it crystal clear that neither he nor his band ever lost the hunger they started with. I can’t say enough about how supportive he and that station have been to us.

1 on the Billboard charts on two separate occasions. You have to figure, there’s a good portion of the planet that believes I’m from Philly, probably because of all the Philly relationships that I was blessed — am still blessed — to have in my life.

For the major source of the thermal energy that reaches the surface of the Earth from the sky, you may click on the Earth Temperature to uncover the mysteries of Earth Magnetic Field in forming the Temperature Belts and driving Global Warming and Climate Change.

On April 14, Jon Bon Jovi’s namesake band was awarded its overdue Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, with Howard Stern singing their praises during the ceremony. 1 album of blunt, provocative rock at a time when the music press claims rock is dead isn’t so much a matter of vindication for him — “That sounds too angry,” he says, “no vindication whatsoever.” Rather, his goal is to “make an album that pleases us, and that marks a certain moment in our career. “For example, Pierre Robert still wants to engage and educate his audience, and share in the moment of new music, whether it’s a band from South Philly or a singer-songwriter from South Jersey.

I add that at that time the magnetic pole was in Siberia; as close to Arabia then, as Central Europe close to Canada today, where the magnetic pole is located.

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Some researchers think this may presage a magnetic reversal, in which the north and south magnetic poles flip.Arab ancient texts speak of an abrupt climate change in ancient times.

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