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FRANKIE BOYLE'S NEW WORLD ORDER - THE RUN-THROUGHSFrankie Boyles New World Order is returning for a brand new series with Frankie tackling the years biggest news stories in his own unique style.A day or two before each episode is recorded, Frankie will be rehearsing the show and we need a small intimate audience to come along!If you answer honestly, you will get shockingly accurate results and will know exactly what to do to fix the problem.Let me tell you about game he just wanted to hit it and thats, all this is how guys usually do when you are not that hot or sexy good in bed for them or they just dont like you only for one night stand thats the truth, I seen and know this from my other friends that is guys tell me,even my own brother has done this,sorry that you have to here the truth but this is the facts that this always happen to the best of us ,you learn once but do not do the mistake twice at all Hi, My boyfriend is currently in a different country on a work project.he was going through some work issue and wan’t comfortable sharing. i don’t know if he’s really upset or super busy or just embarrassed to speak to me.Hi there recently I met this guy who I met and went on a date with and after this he ghosted then we kept in contact via snap .kept asking me out but each time I was busy.when the on for months Eventually I agree to meet him and his friend and my friend for drinks and everything was fine we spent the night together.The first ever question we received for our Ask a Guy column was: “Why do guys take so long to text back? The article exploded and remains one of the most read and shared articles on the site. For one thing, men and women approach texting (and communicating) in very different ways.Unlike women, men don’t view texting as some sort of barometer for the relationship.

ROMESH RANGANATHAN hosts THE RANGANATIONTop comedian Romesh Ranganathan hosts a pilot for an exciting new BBC2 comedy show.Deborah will be joined by guests and a house band as she questions the experts, drops some logic bombs, and initiates outrageous, cheeky stunts to highlight the important issues.To help her with these big, comedic ideas, shell call on her existing army of followers and the new viewers who are joining them.Joining him on the show will be experts and guest comics who will take him to task over his controversial claims.

The show will be recorded at The Hospital in Covent Garden on Wednesday evenings during May & June 2018 and booking is now open.

FRANKIE BOYLE'S NEW WORLD ORDERFrankie Boyles New World Order returns for a brand new series which sees Comedian Frankie Boyle tackle the years biggest news stories in his own unique style.