Reaction of father on daughter dating

02-Sep-2020 05:48

It is worth pushing pause on your anger and emotions and considering whether your parents may be right.

Therein, I'm not trying to judge this particular story, more use it as an example of the old-fashioned norms in which we continue to mindlessly participate.

The fact of the matter is, most people spend very little time researching and getting to know the other person before they start dating them. Carolyn commented that her response to her parents’ dislike of her boyfriend was to ask other people what they thought.

They [my parents] said he lied, cheated, and I shouldn’t be involved with him. So I thought about what they said and talked to more people.

While the role of overprotective father is not a new one, it is a tired concept that needs to just die, already.

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Aside from the assumption that my daughter (yes, I also have daughters) is incapable of good judgment and protecting herself and her standards, this ridiculous concept imagines my sons likewise incapable of the same good judgment and standards. Because here's the thing — thoughts are not equal to actions.

And rationalizing that young men have overwhelming urges that cloud their judgment and force them to make poor decisions regarding young women is nothing more than excusing bad behavior. My oldest son is 16 and his life does not need to be threatened when he takes his date out for dinner.

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