Reese witherspoon and joaquin phoenix dating

03-Dec-2020 19:36

"I think oftentimes as an actor you're shielded from that stuff," he says.As for the sexual assaults: "I'd heard rumours about him sleeping with actresses, but they were just rumours.READ MORE: * ​Mary Magdalene: An intriguing, alternative view of biblical events * Mary Magdalene: Garth Davis on remaining faithful to the past * Five movies you must-see in March * Talented young Kiwi Thomasin Harcourt Mc Kenzie set to shine in Sundance I find myself mentally cataloguing all of this behaviour because I've just spent the duration of Phoenix's new film doing the same.

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"Because I've seen that done so many times." The film they came up with is made from small but pricklingly unforgettable moments: Joe fiddling with jelly beans on his boss's sofa, Joe semi-patiently caring for his elderly mother, Joe psyching himself up in a Russian bath house before a hit.

June, however, cannot get past his abuse of drugs and alcohol, and the two split up while Cash's marriage and sanity begin to deteriorate.

His love for June is the one thing that stays constant even as he doesn't, and eventually the two reconcile for good on stage in perfect Hollywood form.

To get around the smallest conversational hummock you have to gun the engine like billy-oh, then suddenly you're skittering down the side of a gully at breakneck speed.

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Or at least that's how things are in his London hotel room this morning, where the 43-year-old actor has just awoken from a two-hour nap after staring at the ceiling all night.The coming together of Witherspoon and Phoenix will mark the duo's first collaboration since the 2005 Johnny Cash biopic.