Replication error updating replica dating valco amplifiers

06-Jan-2021 19:20

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If it is showing as “c,c,c” or pretty much anything else, your CA certificate isn’t trusted properly.

Check the disk space and the possible core file (under the server's logs directory).

If there is no SSL port problem, one of the servers in the replication topology might hang.

To work around this limitation, add rather than import the entries.

The import process does not generate these attributes.

dn:o=Example Company\, Inc.,dc=example,dc=com changetype:modify add:aci aci:(target="ldap:///o=Example Company\, Inc.,dc=example,dc=com") (targetattr="*")(version 3.0; acl "test Comma"; allow (all) userdn ="ldap:///self";) command has been seen to fail to import LDIF with double-byte characters in the LDIF file name.

replication error updating replica-73

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To work around this issue, change the LDIF file name so that it does not contain double-byte characters.

Because the adjustment is limited to a certain amount, any difference that exceeds the permitted limit will cause the replication session to be aborted.

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