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04-Nov-2020 02:57

This game is mixing role-paying with city building, farming and also with storytelling.You will be able to create new characters, build your kingdom and fight with your opponents.In other point of idea, Dragon’s Blade is inspired by two highly appreciated games: Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior.So if you have played these games when you were little, now you will be able to rediscover the classic turn-based combat while exploring different worlds and while revealing new treasures and enemies to eliminate.This selection is pointing out the best Windows 10 RPG games that can be installed and played on all the Windows 8, 10 tablets and laptops available on the market nowadays so don’t hesitate and check it out.Role-playing-games are maybe the most appreciated apps when coming to portable devices.You can download Dragon’s Blade for free from Windows Store.An easy to play role-playing-game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 platform, as well as Windows RT is Rule the Kingdom.

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Because of that you can play a game for hours only for finding out what will happen with your characters or how the story concludes after all.

This Windows 8, 10 game is great for those who want to mix strategy with RPG on a game plan that is quite similar with the one featured by Age of Empires.

Rule the Kingdom is available for free on Windows Store, so don’t hesitate and check it out. Well, if yes now you can also play it on your own Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows RT device.

Do point out if I have missed something out and share your own Windows 8 RPG selection with our team or with other users who might want to try a really good game on their tablets or laptops. Spectral Souls is indeed one of the best Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 role-playing-game.

This game is a Japanese Tactical RPG which can be downloaded from Windows Store for only .99.In Reaper you can experience a fantasy world of magic and monsters.