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04-Oct-2019 16:56

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When our relationship is professional, and you’re not getting that done, forget it.”In Oliver Stone’s football drama Any Given Sunday, Jamie Foxx plays the new star QB who thinks his shit don’t stink, while LL Cool J plays the team’s star running back, whose thunder gets stolen. 27, 1999, while filming scenes for the movie at Miami’s Pro Player Stadium, the two came to blows.

According to the Miami-Dade Police, who were called to the scene, LL began pushing Foxx and then punched him in the face while he was wearing a helmet (LL claimed it was just acting, and he was pushing Foxx to make their rivalry look more organic).

Danes, the story goes, actively ignored Di Caprio and avoided speaking to him when the cameras weren’t rolling.

In this colossal 1970 misfire, written, directed by, and starring Norman Mailer, a megalomaniacal film director (Mailer) runs for U. President while directing his next film, but is weighed down by his troubled younger brother (Torn).

He told Franco to cool it, but the actor stayed in character and continued giving him the business.But the pair has since made up, and even featured on a handful of songs together.Annapolis, Justin Lin’s film about a young cadet at the U. Naval Academy (Franco) who butts heads with his company commanding officer (Gibson), was a disaster for many reasons—including the reported acrimony between the film’s two stars on set.“I found out much later while we were doing the publicity, that he was mad at me.

He, Dustin, was mad at me, Meryl,” Streep recalled in doc. The film was highly improvised, and Torn got so wrapped up in his character—along with, presumably, some natural hysteria—that he struck Mailer in the head with a hammer during an improv fight, intending to “kill his character.” A massive fight ensued, with Mailer putting Torn into a headlock, biting a piece of Torn’s ear off, and the two strangling each other on the ground.

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