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The actress with a Canadian-American nationality, Sarah Clarke is known best for the portrayal of Dr. She is also known for portraying Rebecca Conner on Reseanne as well as for portraying Stella Zinman on How I Met Your Mother.

She was born to Douglas and Angela Clarke on 27th August, 1976 on Ontario.

On two occasions Goranson had to pull out of episodes in which the Becky character was necessary; Darlene's wedding and a family trip to Walt Disney World.

Chalke was called back in to play Becky for these episodes.

Goranson was still unavailable, so Sarah Chalke auditioned and won the role.

Chalke played Becky for the remainder of the sixth season and all of the seventh season.

Chalke’s personal life is not much of a disclosed secret. It is known that she was dating Devon Sawa at around 1995.

It was only the second time she auditioned for a part.

Becky would be seen via the phone briefly on some occasions as she now lived out of state.

In the next season, although not at the beginning, the producers decided to bring the character back.

Under her new arrangement, the show's producers and writers had to take care to write scenes for Becky sparingly.

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Goranson's exit resulted in Becky's eloping with her boyfriend.She was dating her Scrubs co-star, Zach Braff which was a publicized affair. The couple has not married yet and she has not become Afifi’s wife.