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‘, a movie that tells the real life story of underage exotic dancer turned murderer Falicia Blakely.An already bad situation for a young Blakely turned deadly after her boyfriend/pimp convinced her to start ‘hitting licks‘.You probably didn’t even get through the film before you started looking into more about the story of the real Falicia Blakely.There are some glaring omissions in the film and some choices made for entertainment purposes, so we’ll try to help you navigate the fact from the fiction.Senior dating site price you may be surprised to learn that in addition to offering reasonable pricing, the best mature dating sites also offer coupons.

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A consistent man, who said he loved her, helped her care for her child and brought her nice things (although most of the time he was using the money she earned).The mugshot image is below: The Murders: Falicia Blakely was 19 years old in August 2002 when the murders were committed.Her real life co-defendant was named Ameshia Ervin.Falicia was also sexually assaulted as a child, a topic the film doesn’t bother to visit at all.

It wasn’t until around 15 or 16 years old that the real Falicia Blakely moved to Atlanta, deciding to join her mother in a new city. She dropped out of high school and eventually was making enough money to move out on her own.

In the film, her mother is portrayed by Tami Roman and appears as a woman who is more concerned with the men in her life than the well being of her own daughter.

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