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Be aware that there were also other "Plantations" of parts of Ireland at other times.

Also be aware that in the years circa 1795 major displacements of peoples also took place due to civil strife due to religious differences of people i.e.

The modern Highland estates of the gentry in Scotland had their populations "cleared" as recently as the late 19th century.

Many made their way like the Irish to Canada and Australia.

However another variant is the name Campbell mostly seen as a Scottish name.

However the book goes on to identify that the name Mac Cathmhaoil is positively identified with Tyrone.

I have included some notes on this upheaval and Plantation to give a basic understanding of its circumstances and effect both materially and psychologically on the dispossessed lowland Catholic farmers who had to seek their existence on the inhospitable slopes and high ground of the Sperrins.

The effect of the Williamite wars and the Plantation is still with us some 455 years after it happened.

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I have also interwoven some facts and points of interest about Co.

The date at the top will indicate just how up to date a copy may be.

Many members of the extended Quinn Loughran and Beck families were spoken to in the generation of this document.

It would be interesting to look at the O'Neill chieftains in the early 17th century and at the same time know that ones old kith and kin were in the midst of all the events. This idea is also used for names such as Kane from O'Kane, Neill from O'Neill etc.

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These were major events in Irish history because the fall of the O'Neills was where Irish history changed forever. Though there are cases when this rule does not apply.

Some bits and pieces of information on local places and people who have influenced the area and thus the people who lived there throughout the centuries are also included.