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After discovering love letters that indicated Brown was planning to marry his new flame, she went to his hotel room, confronted him, and shot him.

At her trial she pled "temporary insanity," and the jury acquitted her.

Sickles was acquitted, and introduced the concept of temporary insanity into American criminal law. NV) was sued by a woman he had purportedly married without a proper ceremony. Field, following the murder of the woman's attorney, for reasons unrelated to Senator Sharon's conduct. Tom Watson (Populist GA) caused a fury in Washington -- and accompanying headlines -- by attacking his colleagues in the House of Representatives for their need to “gratify sensual pleasures” and their disgraceful drunkenness. Brown said he wanted to live his life with her, and have a son. But Brown never got around to divorcing his wife, despite many promises to do so.

When the verdict came down Sickles's lawyer danced a jig in the courtroom. The case raged on for years in various courts, culminating in the brief and bizarre arrest of U. Brown's wife had her husband and Anne Bradley arrested for adultery, but agreed to withdraw the charge if Brown agreed to stop seeing Bradley.

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She noted that illicit trysts occurred "in borrowed apartments" and several senators she knew had rented houses near the Capitol for "nooners." Quickies also took place in the hideaway meeting rooms scattered about the bowels of the Capitol.

In 1981 he married the woman, who had worked for Speaker Albert, and they moved back to California, where he purchased a deli, which became his passion until his death in 1997. Although the Congressman denied the charges, the scandal defeated him in 1978. UT) was arrested on June 13, 1976 in Salt Lake City's red-light district for soliciting sex from two undercover policewomen posing as prostitutes. NY) was arrested in April, 1978 for soliciting sex from a 16-year- old African-American delivery boy and an undercover police officer.