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11-Aug-2020 01:05

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For women in particular to not get vaccinated seems to be extremely unwise risk management.

Or are gross obesity and wild promiscuity both the results of poor impulse control and minimal external restraints?

Guys will do anything to get some strange, but girls, especially hot ones, wonder first and foremost if something is socially acceptable before doing something. Sestamibi, Painful as it might be to realize, you'll actually have more success with women, even ones professing feminism, by being somewhat sexist and 'insensitive' with them.

Some still want a guy they consider alpha who will just commit.The conventional wisdom seems to be that middling to hideous women use online dating/relationship sites, while among men it is only the social bottom feeders who do.But I spent some time looking through some of the male postings on KC craiglist the other day and, while I'm not the best at gauging male overall desirability, it's now my impression that the craigslist men are actually, on average, a little higher up relative to men in general than craiglist women are to women in general.“Hot”, “liked” and “prefer” are based on reply rates to messages between those whom Ok Cupid matched based on stated preferences and some other stuff.

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They also controlled for looks and male height, so this is not a tale of supposedly short Asian men or ugly black women. Although I must admit I’ve had black men make some similarly – ahem – inappropriate comments, as well.

Also, some of the more honest ones reveal their promiscuous past either explicitly or via code phrases like "my party days are over" or by making noises about finally growing up and looking for an LTR (long term relationship).