Testing and dating of structural changes in practice lindsay shaw dating

11-Sep-2019 14:25

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Description Usage Arguments Details value References Examples View source: R/breakpoints.R Computation of breakpoints in regression relationships.We implement various strategies which have been suggested in the literature for testing against structural changes as well as a dynamic programming algorithm for the dating of the breakpoints in the R statistical software package.Using historical data on Nile river discharges, road casualties in Great Britain and oil prices in Germany it is shown that changes in the mean of a time series as well as in the coefficients of a linear regression are easily matched with identifiable historical, political or economic events.The set of breakpoints which is associated by default with a .Convenience functions are provided for extracting the coefficients and covariance matrix, fitted values and residuals of segmented models.Finally, the breakpoints in regression models with structural changes can be estimated together with confidence intervals.Emphasis is always given to methods for visualizing the data.

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As for linear models the log likelihood is computed on a normal model and the degrees of freedom are the number of regression coefficients multiplied by the number of segments plus the number of estimated breakpoints plus 1 for the error variance.New Homeowners New Movers Experian's prospect lists are available for direct mail and telemarketing purposes.

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