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13-Apr-2020 02:05

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Spike finds himself on a game show hosted by Discord where he has to choose between three mysterious bachelorettes, not realizing that this is a ploy to settle a love triangle he has not been aware of. Hearts might be broken and secrets might be spilled.This is a "sort of" follow-up to "Bride of Discord." Not really a sequel, but is set in the same universe.My idea is for Naruto to develop a high level Fuinjutsu skills and then expand on what they are capable of.A few ideas I have are Naruto using Fuinjutsu to seal people inside of himself.The main purpose of the story is Naruto learning how to use the Rinnegan, it's affects on him being a shinobi, and him trying to keep it a secret while all the while people keep getting interested in him and what he is doing.of course a few people will find out, either Naruto telling them or they stumble across it, but are sworn to secrecy and try to help him figure out his eyes.

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After he levels, visit his room and select "other". I was influenced by my g/f and all of the other Sasuke/Sakura fangirls out there.By: Roxotaku It is the Sengoku Jidai Dating Game with your host Jaken! Sequel to the first story, this is turning into a series... Given that Kabuto was able to clone people using the Body Recreation Technique, though they fell apart after a time due to how rapidly they were made, I figure it should be possible.

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The only real difference is that Hashirama is cloned and not aged, therefor he grows up like any other kid.Cover Image by Wolf Spirit1292, who also adapted this into a comic!

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