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29-Apr-2020 04:01

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I’ve seen and tried everything, and have experienced tons of rejection before figuring things out.After years of teaching I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.”One day I was browsing videos on You Tube and saw a short clip which amazed me. Seeing someone else approach women made a big difference because now I had a real life example. A number of years after my dating bootcamp, I started getting really good at meeting women.This guy walked up to an attractive woman and started a conversation with a compliment. He also made me talk to women in a ton of different situations. I could talk to them anywhere; walking down the street, bus stops, malls, cafes, grocery stores, restaurants, college campuses, you name it.Meeting women while dating coaching was fun and exciting but it became more significant.

If that doesn't happen, regardless of the amount of women you'll get, I consider that a failure.One of my clients, an Asian man in his thirties, only had a handful of dates in six years. After going through my program, he met dozens of women, and dated a few of them before he chose the best one. Guys learn how to become strong, confident men by challenging their fears.