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But, welcome or not, here it comes in the form of a stunning new coffee-table book of photographs by former White House photographer Pete Souza titled The book represents the most revealing images culled from a staggering 1.9 million photos that Souza took of Obama and his family, dating back to 2005 when Obama was first elected to the U. Beyond his friendship with the president, Souza says that purely as a subject, Obama was a godsend.

Another famous image shows the president in a freight elevator leaning in to touch forehead-to-forehead with First Lady Michelle Obama, who is wearing his jacket, as the two make their way to an inaugural ball on the first day of the Obama presidency.“Sad to say, we had already been through a couple of these mass shootings before that,” says Souza. His reaction, as a fellow parent but also as the President of the United States, was he couldn’t imagine the horror of saying goodbye to your kids after breakfast and putting them on a school bus, and the next time you see them, their body had been blasted five times at point blank range by some crazy guy, which is essentially what happened.

Lolly and Lindley purchased this House in 1978The Oak Tree is AMAZING, as are the birds who come to rest.