Updating bios d600

31-Jan-2020 06:26

20050822: So far, and for quite a long time actually, the basics stay unchanged, no real revolution out there.Concerning S3 suspend, some features break from time to time (expect better results with kernel 2.6.13 than with previous ones, apparently), but such breakages are artifacts. Actually, there is usually one or two ways per computer.Different manufacturers have different ways to access BIOS.You may miss proper ACPI scripts, in which case this section is for you.There is nothing hard here: nothing else than install instructions for the scripts I use. Just don't blindly use scripts that are not suited to your hardware.Install the Fedora Core 2 distribution (or later ; I'm currently running FC3).You may be an addict of some other distribution, I don't mind.

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This includes notably: If you've been using (or trying to use) S3 for a while, you'll notice that this is a very good result.I am not enjoying 100% reliability yet (sometimes the machine crashes on resume) but it is pretty close.Update (20050527): Well, it's been a long, long while since I haven't seen the machine crash on resume. Some userland software tweaking is also necessary (scripts, silly fixes...).Former versions of this page implied patching XFree86, which is no longer needed. As a general fact not concerning D600s specifically, Suspend-to-ram sometimes work, yet some or many devices crash on suspend, or never wake up on resume.

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The most annoying of these crashes being the graphics card, of course.Concerning the D610 laptop: the major troublemaker concerning S3 is the graphics hardware.