Updating disconnected datasets

30-Sep-2019 18:50

You must still commit the changes back to the database in order to store them permanently. Conditions such as unique are applied through this class.Constraint objects are maintained through the Data Tables Constraints collection.When your preparing to edit a row the Begin Edit method should be called on the Data Row object.The End Edit method then can be used to save the changes back to the Data Set, Cancel Edit provides an undo facility.Each row in a Data Table is represented in the Rows collection as a Data Row.To examine the data in a specific column use the Item property of the appropriate Data Row object.

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The data stored in the Data Set is a disconnected copy of the actual database.This allows you to submit smaller change sets back to the database.The Merge method also lets to combine multiple change sets into a single Data Set.You can lookup the columns in a row through an integer index, or by the name of the Column.

The Data Row class is also where you perform updates to a Data Set.Any changes you make to a Data Set only exist in RAM.

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