Updating mazda navigation system

21-Aug-2020 14:25

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Choose the “System Restore” option and your system will be restored EXCEPT for the default Red color theme file, that you mush revert with AIO by selecting the “Custom Infotainment Colors” Tweak and Red (Default) Option. This has changed but requires a little bit of DIY = Then the access point of the car is running, you should see a WLAN “cmu …”.

Simply log in and then access via IP on the system.

There are a few extras you can install with the autorun script Auto Wi Fi AP, Auto ADB, and Dryrun.

You don’t need any of these for the recovery scripts to work these are just additional ways to test/access your system.

Mark The Left, Green Box Next to each tweak to install Mark Right, Red Box to uninstall For color theme and background tweaks run the tweaks with default choices to revert Click tweak names in right side options panel for specific help information No, you can install over old versions because during installation the tweak will be deleted and then reinstalled.

You can install every tweak over an older version of the same tweak, you never have to uninstall before.

During installation/uninstalling, a log file is created (AIO_log.txt) and some additional files will be copied on the USB drive.

Please make a ZIP file of them (complete root of USB drive) and send that to me or upload somewhere (e.g. You can download this tweak to make a copy of your jci folder, zip and upload if we need to take a deeper look into your files to find the issue.

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This will only work once before playing the first video then the button will function normally.

It is also for finding issues, if any exist they can usually be found in those files.