Updating nokia 6110 maps Shenale on linecam

03-Jun-2020 14:59

Go here:download-page-for-road-hazard-data/road-hazard-data-january-2015-wav-t599I am busy with a new guide, but you can use the existing one at download-page-for-road-hazard-data/road-hazard-data-additional-downloads-t75There are no restrictions Trevor. Download the two files RHD January 2015(Wav) and Toll Data(wav) unzip both to the same folder and use Poi Loader to install it from that folder on your GPSr.The gpx files contained in those files contains an url pointing to the location of the wave sound files but when it (the sound Wave files) is not installed on your computer Poi Loader will ignore the url and install the files without the voice sounds and you will only receive the normal bong warnings when you approach the RHD Poi.You should be able to load an avatar and signature please try again and if you experience any problems please let us know so we can assist. Now it's starting to make sense and I'm finally getting somewhere.I'll read the guide to make sure I get all the files in the right places. Will shout for help again if I need but I think I've got it now. Trevor download one of the voice files from the RHD forum, unzip and use windows media player to listen to them.I personally did the last upgrade to Garmap 2013.2 on all my units, but also have City Navigator on them as well. Thanks for the reply and apologies for the long delay in my reply.After some deeper thinking, A Zumo for my bike is more of a 'nice to have' than a 'need to have' and I can't really justify that expense yet as I don't see me using it that much unless my riding pattern changes drastically.Not too worried about wav or mp3 at this stage, quite happy with the bong sound as that's what I'm used to. I used it the other day and I should have no problems with that. The Mp3 will be the smaller download but will be useless if you want to use it on the 42 at a later stage. We are still waiting for a lady volunteer with a nice English voice to make to do the recordings for us which would make a nice alternative addition to our data. Seems to have many new features, most of them I like, but the thing was driving me crazy with the bongs for speeding!Okay thanks Jan I'll play with it over the weekend and see how it goes. It obviously came preloaded with some Cyclops safety camera data and then I went and loaded the most recent RHD files that I had downloaded just before the old forum shut down. My strategy of driving 10km/h above the posted speed limit on my clock speed translates to a true speed of about 5km/h above the limit.

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As to choice, there are lots of errors on both map-sets.

My situation is almost decided on as I want a unit for my bike, so I figure I may as well buy a Zumo and get the car bracket, then I can use it for both car and bike. If it is Garmap 2009 and onwards, you will only pay R349 for each unit to upgrade to the latest, and last version, namely Garmap SSA Streetmaps version 2013.2 NTIf you can live with this upgrade for a couple of years to come, then at least you get some more free usage out of your existing devices.