Updating your applications infrastructure

25-Jul-2020 19:33

That’s just one reason we call New Relic a “true Saa S monitoring platform.” AWS integrations’ support for leading services—like Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), EC2, Elasti Cache, and many more—is built into New Relic Infrastructure, so all it takes is a single-line configuration change to monitor any supported AWS integration.

With dedicated teams responsible for development and support of cloud integrations, we don’t have to rely on community-created plugins for cloud integrations; the creation, care, and feeding for these integrations is entirely owned by New Relic.

As a result, the backend doesn’t always tell the whole story.

Sometimes when your application server looks fine, your client is actually failing over and erroring out.

When it comes to cloud monitoring, it’s important that your transaction traces connect all of the pieces together.

It’s also important that you have deep language agents delivering a profound understanding of internal application code to deliver critical, insightful data to the individual components themselves.

By segmenting your data via these user- and business-specific attributes—a customer’s username, for example—you can better prioritize improvements and sprint plans to optimize for those customers.

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Host-based pricing for monitoring solutions developed for on-premise installations may not properly accommodate the reality of dynamic cloud architectures, where servers and containers come and go like the wind.

Cloud computing changes everything, and application and infrastructure monitoring are hardly exceptions.

The flexibility, scale, services, and pay-as-you-go pricing options provided by modern cloud platforms—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and tools like Pivotal among them—have completely changed how companies architect their applications as well as how they deploy the corresponding infrastructure.

Put simply, the Cloud Pricing Option lets customers pay for New Relic APM and Infrastructure based on the size of the instance, the number of instances, and the total time running.

Have a single host that spins up for 60 minutes once a week? Watch the video below for more information: In the cloud, you don’t have time to grow your monitoring solution to cope with increased scale.Businesses no longer rely on a static Content Delivery Network, but routinely work with multiple CDNs serving different regions.

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