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" ("I am an African - even if the magistrate were to beat me to death, or put me in jail, I shall not be, nor will I stay, silent! It is believed that "Afrikaner" in question initially indicated Cape Coloureds or other groups claiming mixed ancestry.Biebouw himself had numerous half-caste siblings and may have identified with Coloureds socially.A small number of longtime VOC employees who had been instrumental in the colony's founding and its first five years of existence, however, expressed interest in applying for grants of land, with the objective of retiring at the Cape as farmers.

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VOC officials did not favour the permanent settlement of Europeans in their trading empire, although during the 140 years of Dutch rule many VOC servants retired or were discharged and remained as private citizens.

Holland's administration was never effectively reestablished; upon a new outbreak of hostilities with France expeditionary forces led by Sir David Baird, 1st Baronet finally imposed British rule for good when they defeated Cape governor Jan Willem Janssens in 1806.

The South African census of 1960 was the final census undertaken in the Union of South Africa.

They also constituted 9.3% of the population in neighbouring South West Africa.

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The South African National Census of 2001 was the first census conducted in post-apartheid South Africa.Very rapidly one European power followed another, all eager to trade along this route.