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16-Aug-2020 12:05

In November 2013, the couple registered for their marriage in Singapore and held a wedding ceremony in Los Angeles.

Just more than a year, their wedding was said to be on the rocks. A woman’s struggle and what goes on behind the scenes, no one will ever know and understand.” Reports also said that Arissa realised that their marriage life was a far cry from their dating days, and they had problems getting along.

An rarely talks about her family, but has revealed to Apple Daily that she was raised in a single-parent family.

She expressed that she did not have a happy childhood.

” Despite his frustration, Nathan made sure to thank Ady for her help, as well as “the time and experience [they] had.” He also apologized to her for his stubbornness and wished her luck with her career and pursuit of happiness.

In response to Nathan’s post, Ady wrote on her own Weibo: “After waking up, you can’t go back to yesterday again. I will no longer be in your future, but I wish you well.” Sources:; This article is written by Joanna for Jayne Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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An also played Li Shishi, a prostitute and mistress of Emperor Huizong of Song, in All Men Are Brothers, an adaptation of the classical novel Water Margin.The same year, she starred in Chinese Paladin, an adaptation of the action RPG The Legend of Sword and Fairy, which increased her recognition in China.Since then, she had played many roles in both Chinese and Taiwanese television dramas, such as The Legend of Hero (2005), The Great Revival (2006), Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain (2006).However, after they broke up, the constant gossip and accusations of cheating, which Nathan said were “blown out of proportion,” caused him to lose his patience. An and I were together, I have NEVER told any ‘media, press, reporters’ regarding the details of our relationship, as well as our breakup.

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“Does there always have to be a ‘third person’ to make the story more interesting? Today is the FIRST and hopefully, will be the LAST time I discuss this issue!“Throughout the two years, I realized that we had too many differences in personality, life style, and perspective toward other matters,” Nathan wrote.