Vw beetle dating uk

31-Oct-2020 18:17

Marks background as a formally educated mechanic from a highly respected Aviation School and expertise in designing, building, and testing systems in older model VWs gave me the comfort to work with him from Miami wher I live.

Mark spent a good 10 months methodically improving my 1985 Vanagon with the best system-designed parts from Go Westy, Bosch and others.

Our diesel beetle needed a timing belt, serpentine belt, water pump and fuel filter.

He later isolated a screeching noise from around the timing belt which was replaced earlier by a different mechanic. After numerous hours, he found that the fuel filter had a pinhole leak causing air to get into the fuel line. I would trust him far more than a VW dealer mechanic.

He is very knowledgeable and fair with his pricing.

three blocks north of where Northbound and Southbound A1A split. Warren Baranski writes: The 'engine profile' icon illuminated on the dash of my '08 Eos, 70,000 mi, and I went into a semi-panic mode.

Two other non-dealer V-dub shops couldn't take me for two days, but Mark sez bring it over and I'll at least diagnose it.

He then became an Audi Master Technician in 1987 which is acquired after successfully passing all 8 ASE certification areas for Master and all Audi factory training.