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30-Dec-2019 15:15

These are online dating profiles sent in and we do not endorse any. Consistency above all else must be maintained, lest we prove ourselves to be hypocrites – and surely there is nothing more despicable than to be a hypocrite, no? It calls everything about you into question – how can we trust anything you have to say when you’ve shown that you can’t be true to ? I can’t keep track of the number of people who tie themselves in knots over how their sexual desires don’t directly line up with who they are in their day to day lives.It’s easy to see our shadow self as “dark” or negative; after all, it’s the parts of us that we’ve deemed unacceptable.However, in many ways it’s more accurate to say it’s our primitive or unenlightened side; it’s the aspects of ourselves that we have rejected or find unreasonable.

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It’s the fervent belief that who we are, deep down inside, is most accurately reflected by our libidos. When the staunch radical feminist is constantly aroused by the fantasy of being taken – not seduced, but overpowered want?

want, but we don’t want to acknowledge the fact that desire exists.

I’m desperate to find a robust man who can handle a real woman.… continue reading »

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In the video members of Geordie Chasers, a fellow paedophile hunter group, confronted Holland, pictured left, then detain him until police arrive. Three years ago, it was being praised for being 'on the up' as projects helped reinvigorate local heritage, while new build homes, supermarkets, and thriving markets enhanced its revival.… continue reading »

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