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26-Dec-2019 15:57

Where are her denim cut-offs, we are all wondering. " She lifts the hem a little, exposing tanned Twiglet legs.

"It's from home, a woman in Texas, but I can't remember her name." Wasson, 27, hails from the Lone Star State, although her rough-dried, dirty-blonde waves and nonchalant leanness speak more of California, which she has since ' made her home.

We're definitely grabbing it to wear with some skinnies and thigh high boots come pay day.

The good news is you can grab it from Selfridges (click right).

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I think that's the most important thing, to find the facet in that moment and express that." Wasson does tend to speak in a rather "Confucius say" sort of way, but she is winsome in her views, articulate, enthusiastic and reasoned.By the model's stature, perhaps; by her amber coloured skin, sure; but more because she is wearing a dress.