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11-Jan-2020 14:17

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Mark Richard Shuttleworth is the founder of Ubuntu or the man behind the Debian as they call him. He’s an entrepreneur and also space tourist who became later 1st citizen of independent African country who could travel to the space.

Mark also founded Thawte in 1996, the Internet commerce security company, while he was studying finance and IT at University of Cape Town.

Mark obtained the Bachelor of Business Science degree in the Finance and Information Systems at University of Cape Town, where he lived there in Smuts Hall.

He became, as a student, involved in installations of the 1st residential Internet connections at his university.

In 2004, Mark returned to free software world by funding software development of Ubuntu, as it was Linux distribution based on Debian, throughout his company Canonical Ltd.

In 2005, Mark founded Ubuntu Foundation and made initial investment of 10 million dollars.

In 2004, he formed the Canonical Ltd., for promotion and commercial support of the free software development projects, especially Ubuntu operating system.

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updating fedora core

“All the major PC companies now ship PC’s with Ubuntu pre-installed.

And after running campaign to promote the science, code, and mathematics to the aspiring astronauts and the other ambitious types at schools in SA, Mark founded the Canonical Ltd.

and in 2013, he provided leadership for Ubuntu operating system for software development purposes.

Android is great, but if we want to succeed we need to bring something new and better to market.

We are all at risk of stagnating if we don’t pursue the future, vigorously.

This patronship ended in 2012, with financial support together for Kubuntu, which was Ubuntu variant with KDE as a main desktop.

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