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This mod comes with a fully voiced, custom dialogue-based interface, available after you first recruit Ceri, to configure how she should fight and heal, and even where to go if dismissed.

The Configuration section below shows the options available, and there are many!

To minimize conflicts with other mods that may have interacted with Cerwiden (e.g., companion frameworks), please do the following PRIOR to uninstall of any version through v1.5: Cerwiden docs\Cerwiden* meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\Cerwiden meshes\actors\character\character assets\Cerwiden Companion meshes\clutter\books\Cerwiden Companion meshes\armor\Cerwiden Companion meshes\weapons\Cerwiden Companion textures\actors\character\Face Gen Data\Face Tint\Cerwiden textures\actors\character\character assets\Cerwiden Companion textures\interface\books\Cerwiden Companion textures\armor\Cerwiden Companion textures\weapons\Cerwiden Companion Sound\Voice\Cerwiden Sound\Voice\Skyrim.esm\kcf Voice Cerwiden scripts\*kcf*(too many to list) After uninstalling Cerwiden: There are two ways to configure Cerwiden's behavior.

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If you'd like to use any of those listed assets, please contact the respective others for permission.

Many issues relating to mods "not working" can be solved through proper load order.