Written disaster recovery plan with continual updating

22-Jan-2020 05:29

Your disaster recovery plan should include documentation with a list of your disaster recovery plan team, the personnel and the duties they are responsible for implementing when a disaster strikes.

Your disaster recovery committee will need to meet on a continual basis to make relevant changes and updates to the plan.

You could conduct a partial test by recovering critical portions of your disaster recovery plan. This allows organizations the opportunity to receive feedback from participants and to make changes.

Based on test results your plan can be corrected or modified.

This is why many organizations opt for a differential backup because it’s the most cost-effective and easiest to recover.

It assigns levels of criticality to business processes and associates the technology that supports each of these processes.In “Words of Advise for Your Disaster Recovery Plan – Part I,” we discussed forming a disaster recovery plan committee within your organization, identifying critical assets and backup sites.