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"You don't scare.""I love it when you agree with me." Anya exulted. Curled up practically into his lap, things were getting interesting when a loud "WHOA, THERE! ""Yes."Anya looked back at the screen, where the man on the castle wall had just asked the skipping man who he was."It is I, Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, from the castle of Camelot. For forty minutes, Anya resisted the urge to shut off the movie. Xander immediately hugged her and murmured supportively.

"It means that you're getting smarter." Ignoring the expression on his face that always looked like he had suddenly swallowed a bug, Anya snuggled closer, tilting her face up for another kiss. Anya should've remembered that Xander could never just go along with reasonable logic."One more movie." He said quickly, sliding off the couch so unexpectedly that Anya lost her balance and plopped onto her side. Elusive and indescribable, it was nevertheless him. King of the Britons, defeater of the Saxons, Sovereign of all England! Xander was clearly loving every minute of the movie, and to her utter horror had memorized entire scenes. Hearing no more of those awful squeaks from the movie, Anya dared to take her hands off of her eyes and look at the screen.

He also had a small part as a nerdy AV geek in the bank-robbing cheerleader movie Sugar & Spice.

Busch appeared on Fox Network's brief series The Jury in Summer 2004, which ran for ten episodes, and has been seen in a character role on House.

Anya tensed slightly when a white rabbit hopped out of the cave mouth. Meanwhile, the inane dialogue continued, with Xander cheerfully speaking the lines along with the actors."There he is!

Early roles include Noah Allen from Nickelodeon's the Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, and an episode of Law & Order.

It's just strangely ironic that I'm the one who ended up doing it.

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But just sitting here, resting her head comfortably on his shoulder while he ran idle fingers through her hair was just so nice.... As the knight neared it, the rabbit suddenly let out a horrifying squeak and flew through the air to the knight.Maybe some really good therapy would help her get over Xander faster.Or better yet, maybe a shrink could help convince her that getting over Xander *was* the right idea.Because she was having some very mixed feelings about that. She had spent millennia wrecking revenge onto the unfaithful males, which had been pretty busy work. "Watching as one of the knights donned a helmet and drew a sword, Anya went nearly limp with relief.

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The reason she was in Sunnydale was because Xander himself had been unfaithful to his last girlfriend! At least the rabbit would be out of the scene soon.

He made a guest appearance on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. He is also the singer in indie rock band Common Rotation.

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