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15-Nov-2020 21:27

Microsoft is starting to roll out an update for Xbox One testers that includes a new do not disturb mode.The new option lets Xbox gamers mute notifications and other distractions when they’re playing a game or watching a movie.

Alongside the new mode, Microsoft is also adding mini game hubs to the Xbox One dashboard.

You can file complaints from each user’s Xbox Live profile on the console itself.

If you’re only into playing your games offline, chances are you haven’t encountered Xbox Live’s game save syncing system. Enter a game and the service reaches out to Xbox servers to get the latest save game file for your Gamertag.

Because it’s behind most console interaction, not having access to it can be a big problem. Unless they’re using prepaid cards and are under parental control, most users are required to provide payment information to Xbox Live. That being said, you can do some things on your end to ensure they go a bit faster.

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Microsoft has said that it aims for no downtime with Xbox Live. Xbox Live also links up to the payment options associated with your Microsoft Account, if you use Microsoft’s other services. First, if at all possible, don’t use the wireless internet connection built into your Xbox One to download games over Xbox Live.It’s a quick way to access content from a game, or see who’s playing the game, achievements for the title, and any looking for group posts.