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06-May-2020 20:10

Please read the Blog Housekeeping section in the sidebar for more info. It seems like years since I last finished something so it feels good to finally have something to show. my 3AM Cable Hat knit for Dawn who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. I'm hoping this Superwash Bamboo yarn will hold up just as well, but I'm not as hopeful since this yarn has a more "delicate" feel to it, I suppose it is the bamboo content? I finished knitting the hat on 11/7 and weaved in the ends on 11/9.

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Waffle Stitch in the round:1 & 2: (K2, P2) around3: K around4: P around Decrease:1: (K2, P2tog, K2, P2) around2: (K2, P1, K2, P2) around3: (K5, K2tog) around4: P around5: (K2tog, P1, K2, P1) around6: (K1, P1, K2, P1) around7: (K2, K2tog, K1) around8: P around9: (K2tog, K1, P1) around10: (K2, P1) around11: (K1, K2tog) around12: P around13: K2tog around If more than 10 stitches remain, repeat round 13.

If the amount of stitches is too big you can stop the increases when the tip reaches the base of the toes. If you do a shorter sock you can start the motif on a later row (fewer stitches between the yarn overs).

As I learned in my project management class, it is important to end a project with a wrap up called lessons learned.

Continue knitting and the lace pattern until the sock measures about 18 cm from the tip. In this sock it was done using hourglass heel (make decreases until there is 7s / needle and continue on to increases without making any additional rows) but you can choose whatever heel suits you.

Knit one row after the heel (the lace motif has ended by now). Continue the work on only 1st and 4th needles (the heel needles) and leave the rest waiting.

Waffle stitch is VERY stretchy; no need to do a gauge swatch in pattern.